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Aviator College Degree Program

Approved by the FAA for a Restricted ATP Certificate at 1250 hours

2 year Associates Degree Program

The Aeronautical Science Program prepares the graduate for a career in the aviation industry by providing a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, aeronautical sciences, aeronautical technology, and the aviation industry. The graduate will receive an Associate of Science Degree from Aviator College with flight ratings from private pilot through commercial, with Flight Instructor ratings. This training is necessary to obtain employment, and by completing the associate's degree you will set yourself apart from other applicants since a degree is preferred in the airline industry. 

The flight portion of the program consists of a minimum of 565 flight hours and more multi-engine time than any other college or flight school today. Our large multi-engine fleet is equipped with Garmin 430s, and ASPEN EFIS is being introduced. Single engine fleet consists of Piper Warrior III with all glass (EFIS systems). Ground school is taught in a classroom environment. 

The school's14 acre campus encompasses 37,000 sq. ft. Administration & Academic training facility is open from 7 am to 6 pm daily. The Flight Operations building is open 24/7 daily, rain or shine.          


(Flight Instructor or Flight Operations Options)

565 Flight Hours
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngMajority hours Multi-Engine
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngSingle Engine Private Pilot
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngPrivate Multi-Engine
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngMulti-Engine Instrument
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngMulti-Engine Commercial
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngSingle Engine Commercial
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngMulti-Engine Flight Instructor
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngInstrument Flight Instructor
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngSingle Engine Flight Instructor
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngCross Country flying coast-to-coast
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngJet Transition
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngEight months paid Internship
http://www.aviator.edu/UserFiles/Image/littleplane.pngHousing 12 Months


General Education Courses - 18 Hours
Classroom Environment - All aviation subject classes taught in our educational center, NOT online

*Transfer Credit may be granted for general education requirements and flight licenses obtained. Prices will vary based on Transferable Credits & the type of aircraft you wish to fly for your airman certificates. For additional information and pricing call the admissions office.

/UserFiles/Image/diploma.jpg                                                /UserFiles/Image/wings.gif

Aviator College specializes specifically only on the development and training of future commercial pilots world-wide.
Aviator College LogoAviator College is approved through the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools & Colleges, the State of Florida’s Commission for Independent Education and the Federal Department of Education to award two-year Associate’s Degrees in Aeronautical Science with a concentration in Flight Instruction. 

To earn the Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Science the student must earn a minimum of 71 credit hours to include: 18 General Education credits, 25 credit hours of lower division ground schools and flight training, 22 credit hours of upper division training, and 6 elective credits. Aviation courses are listed in order of progression. 

First Year Flight Training Courses:


AVT1100 Private Pilot Ground School
AVF1100 Private Pilot Flight Training
AVT1200 Multi-Engine Pilot Ground School
AVF1200 Multi-Engine Flight Training
AVT1300 Instrument Rating Ground School
AVF1300 Instrument Rating Flight Training
AVT1400 Commercial Pilot Ground School
AVF1400 Commercial Pilot Flight Training 
AVF1400L Commercial Pilot Flight Training Lab

5 credit hours
2 credit hours 
1 credit hour
.5 credit hour
4 credit hours
2 credit hours
4 credit hours
3.5 credit hour
3 credit hours

Credit Hour Total: 25


Aviation Electives (2 required)


AVG1600 Pilot Career Planning and Interviewing
AVG1700 Aviation Law
AVG1800 Aviation Meteorology
AVG2100 Aerodynamics
AVG2200 Aviation Safety
AVG2300 Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program Theory

3 credit hours
3 credit hours
3 credit hours
3 credit hours
3 credit hours
3 credit hours

Credit Hour Total: 6



Second Year Training Courses

AVT2000 Fundamentals of Instructing
AVT2100 Flight Instructor Airplane Theory
AVT2200 Flight Instructor Instrument Theory
AVF2000 Flight Instructor Certification Course
AVI2000 141 Flight Instruction Standardization
AVG2500 CRJ Simulator Course Theory
AVG2500L Jet Transition Course Lab
AVI2100 Aviation Internship I
AVI2200 Aviation Internship II

2 credit hours
3 credit hours
3 credit hour
1 credit hour
1.5 credit hour
3 credit hours
1.5 credit hours
3.5 credit hours
3.5 credit hours

Credit Hour Total: 22



General Education Courses


ENC1101 English Composition
SPC1608 Introduction to Speech Communications
MAC1105 College Algebra
Humanities Elective: PHI2630 Introduction to Ethics or
PHI1103 Critical & Creative Thinking, recommended
Social Science Elective: GEA2000 World Regional Geography or
PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology, recommended
Natural Science Elective: MET1001 Weather and Climate or PHY1020 Principles of Physics or PSC1341 Physical Science, recommended

3 credit hours
3 credit hours
3 credit hours

3 credit hours

3 credit hours

3 credit hours
Credit Hour Total: 18

General Education course are offered by Indian River State College (IRSC), through an articulation agreement, Online Courses, or can be completed at an accredited college of your choice. For a complete list of elective options please contact an admission representative. All courses taken outside of Aviator College must be submitted on official transcripts for transfer credit evaluation before the diploma can be awarded. 

Aviator graduates wishing to continue on for a four-year Bachelor’s Degree may benefit from the articulation agreement that is in place between Aviator College and Everglades University. This agreement is for Aviator College graduates who complete their Associate of Science degrees in Aeronautical Science and who apply and are accepted into program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management or Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology. For information regarding the specifics of this agreement please contact Aviator College’s Registrar. Aviator graduates may also attend any other university that accepts Aviator's credits. 



Enrolling at Aviator College is a five step process:

  • It is highly recommended candidates visit the college and complete an interview with Admissions. Click on the "Schedule a Visit" tab at the top of the page.
  • Complete the Online Application & Deposit Form, Your deposit will be held on your student account and will secure your enrollment date.
  • All students will submit a $50.00 non refundable application fee. International students submit an additional $500 for the Visa and transcript processing. Any remaining monies will be applied to your student account.
  • International students will be issued the I-20 upon receipt of the application, deposited, and all required documents for enrollment. Your I-20 will be issued. When you receive the I-20, please take it to the U.S. Embassy in your country for approval. Please inform the school of your arrival date and flight information two weeks prior to arrival. A school representative will meet you at the airport to welcome you to Aviator College. Remember we must have a complete physical address in order to have a courier service deliver the I-20. TSA fingerprinting fee $ 99.00 Registration can be completed at https://secure.natacs.aero/afsp/afsp_form.asp?agency=1377&agent_number=1001
  • Submit all required eligibility documentation including, an "official transcript" stamped, sealed and sent directly from high school and all colleges attended, copies of any pilot certificates received, college entrance examination scores (ACT, SAT, CLAST or equivalent), TOFEL scores (if required), proof of funds, color copy of your valid passport, and any material that will help the registrar’s office determine eligibility for enrollment and transfer credit. Note you may send an unofficial transcript for planning purposes; however the college must have an official transcript on file before the start of classes. You may email, fax or mail these documents. Students from foreign countries are now required to be ICAO level 4 English. Aviator College offers Aviation English and ICAO testing on campus. Review our catalog for countries that are exempt from the exam.


Jet Transition

Cost of Flight Fees, Tuition and additional Charges

Flight Fees $ 47,510.38
Tuition $ 14,575.00
*Additional Charges $ 14,275.00
Total $ 76,360.38**
Jet Transition



*Additional Charges include flight options and time, written, check rides, graduation, application fees, books, equipment and housing for 12 months. Final pricing may be higher or lower. Contact our admissions office for more details

** Students in the Flight Option Program may earn a mininum of $6,400.00




If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the college at (772) 466-4822 or email us 

IMPORTANT! Arrive at the Campus early enough allow time for the following before classes start:

Register for classes for the current semester
Make tuition payment for the classes registered for
Complete and sign the Enrollment Agreement and Housing Lease Agreement
Read and sign for acceptance of the College Catalog containing the policies of the College
Complete the Transportation Safety Administration information file, including the online test
Receive an identification badge to access the airport property

Associates of Science Degree  2015 & 2016 Schedule                                                                                     Gainful Employment Disclosure


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Aviator Flight College is a flight school which offers flight training and pilot training within the degree programs. The college accepts VA Post 911, Chapter 33, benefits and offers Federal loans for flight training.

Flight fees are estimated for planning purposes only. FAA requirements, fuel surcharges, and other uncontrollable factors may result in adjustments to these fees prior to or during the course of the academic year. ** Price Subject to Change Without Notice. 

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